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Project Overview

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What is the best way to approach school readiness?

As we begin, the work group is examining what other states have done over the past ten years to define school readiness.  Looking at these, we believe that a comprehensive view is the best approach for Tennessee’s children — one that looks not only at the skills and abilities that children need to be successful in school,  but also  includes the ways that families, schools, and communities support children’s readiness for school success.

This is the approach that the National Education Goals Panel (NEGP) proposed in 1991 in their report on the state of education in the United States. Since then,  across the country the inclusion of families, schools and communities has been a growing trend, and indeed the approach used by states that have worked on school readiness definitions most recently. We think this approach will put Tennessee in the forefront of the national conversation about school readiness.

As we begin, we also know that communities and school districts around the state have already begun discussions about school readiness and we will be reviewing  as much of that work as we can find. So please, if you have participated in any of these discussions,  weigh in about your approach.

I welcome your thoughts.

Carol Brunson Day



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